Project Type: Individual Class Project
Class: Design 3503
Teacher: Oscar Fernández
Tools Utilized: Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop
Components: Composition, Layout, Photography, Story, Typography
The Journal Workbook served as a visual/verbal documentation of the class' personal learning experiences: field trips, demonstrations, class discussions, lectures, films and readings. It contains written impressions, realizations and understanding of graphic print production and signage fabrication. The verbal portion includes "free thinking" writing, summaries from book readings (From Design into Print), significant historic milestones and a timeline draft.
To learn techniques, materials, processes and technologies used in graphic print production. Also, the material in the textbook will further improve the quality and understanding of our field trips and guest lectures with industry professionals.
These sections were for us to journal our experiences in the different locations and describe the processes that we learned about. We detailed the party that lead our experiences and how they guided us through our learning along with the most interesting or crucial points that we were taught.
Relevant terms that we were taught alongside our excursions were included next to our narratives.
Throughout our books, we developed a timeline of significant points during the history of printing, including stakeholders relevant to the times.
The layout of the pages following each other went from the narrative page to the grid of images, followed by the two spread pages for splash covers. This was to provide readers with a guided reading experience to follow.
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